Thursday, January 6, 2011


Everyone dreams of the perfect life, he wants to live ...
Some people succeeds on living their perfect life and others fail..
There is a reason'' of course'', and the main reason in my mind is that we don't know what is the perfect life for us...
Perfect life for some is to be very rich,others to be healthy .....etc
For me ,The perfect life is the balanced life!!!
yes you heard me,a BALANCED LIFE ..

What does it means ???

Balanced life means to do your best in 5 areas of your life :
1-Spiritual :it is the most important area of your life and it consists of your relation with God,your believes and values..

2-Personal:This area consists of family,personal relations,education,entertainment and travel.

3-Professional:It is a very important area,it consists of your future and your job.

4-Financial: It is means your financial security and your investment.

5-Health:your physical health,your weight and your diet..

SO,to have the perfect balanced life,you have to sit and write down each area and write 5 things you want to do in each area to improve it ...
Enjoy and tell me in the comments below what you want to do in each area to improve it ?


Hello everybody...
I am creating this blog to join me in my road to success,to be a better person..
and I think the new year is the best timing to start improving and achieve what we really want..
I always dream to be a better person and achieve what I want,but I never did...
May be I am lazy or unmotivated,so,This is my way to be active and motivated by sharing with you my thoughts and also you share with me my thoughts..
It is not my journey,it is our journey to success...